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I've installed BCGControlBar library, but I can't find any DLLs and library files. Where can I find them?

If you're using evaluation version:

The library include files are located in <install dir>\BCGCBPro directory. (The default installation folder is "c:\program files\bcgsoft\BCGControlBar Professional Evaluation"). The library project files prepared for Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005-2017 are located in <install dir>\Bin directory. The following convention is used for library/DLL names:
BCGCBPROmmmEvalnn, where 'mmm' - BCGControlBar Library version and 'nn' - Visual Studio version. For example, if you downloaded BCGControlBar Pro version 25.0, the following binary files are shipped:

BCGCBPRO250Eval60.dllVisual C++ 6.0 DLL
BCGCBPRO250Eval60.libVisual C++ 6.0 Library
BCGCBPRO250Eval800.dllVisual Studio 2005 DLL
BCGCBPRO250Eval800.libVisual Studio 2005 Library
BCGCBPRO250Eval800U.dllVisual Studio 2005 UNICODE Library
BCGCBPRO250Eval800U.dllVisual Studio 2005 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO250Eval900.dllVisual Studio 2008 DLL
BCGCBPRO250Eval900.libVisual Studio 2008 Library
BCGCBPRO250Eval900U.dllVisual Studio 2008 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO250Eval900U.libVisual Studio 2008 UNICODE Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1000.dllVisual Studio 2010 DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1000.libVisual Studio 2010 Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1000U.dllVisual Studio 2010 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1000U.libVisual Studio 2010 UNICODE Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1100.dllVisual Studio 2012 DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1100.libVisual Studio 2012 Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1100U.dllVisual Studio 2012 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1100U.libVisual Studio 2012 UNICODE Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1200.dllVisual Studio 2013 DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1200.libVisual Studio 2013 Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1200U.dllVisual Studio 2013 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1200U.libVisual Studio 2013 UNICODE Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1400.dllVisual Studio 2015 DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1400.libVisual Studio 2015 Library
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1400U.dllVisual Studio 2015 UNICODE DLL
BCGCBPRO2500Eval1400U.libVisual Studio 2015 UNICODE Library

The library files are located in <install dir>\Bin and for your convenience the above DLLs are placed into Windows System32 directory.

If you're using retail version:

You should build all BCGControlBar DLLs. We recommend to use our BCGCBProIntegrationWizard application (located in the installation root). Or, alternatively, you can open BCGCBPro* solution in your Visual Studio environment and build all required configurations. You will get following DLLs and library files:

BCGCBPRO***Dxx.dll, BCGCBPRO***Dxx.libDLL debug version
BCGCBPRO***xx.dll, BCGCBPRO***xx.libDLL release version
BCGCBPRO***UDxx.dll, BCGCBPRO***UDxx.libDLL debug version, UNICODE
BCGCBPRO***Uxx.dll, BCGCBPRO***Uxx.libDLL release version UNICODE
BCGCBPRO***StaticDxx.libstatic library debug version
BCGCBPRO***StaticDSxx.libstatic library debug version, MFC shared DLL
BCGCBPRO***Staticxx.libstatic library release version
BCGCBPRO***StaticSxx.libstatic library release version, MFC shared DLL
BCGCBPRO***StaticUDxx.libstatic library debug version, UNICODE
BCGCBPRO***StaticUDSxx.libstatic library debug version, UNICODE, MFC shared DLL
BCGCBPRO***Uxx.libstatic library release version, UNICODE
BCGCBPRO***USxx.libstatic library release version, UNICODE, MFC shared DLL

*** means version number and xx means Visual Studio version (empty for Visual C++ 6.0). For example, if you are using library version 25.0 and build DLLs using Visual Studio 2015, release version of DLL will be BCGCBPRO250140.dll

All these files will be located in your <BCGLibrary Directory>\Bin directory (default location is "c:\Program Files\BCGSoft\BCGControlBarPro\Bin").

Important: please remember add this directory to the system path.
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