Viewing a Knowledge-Base Article

This page in Jitbit Helpdesk app displays an article from the Knowledge Base of your helpdesk app.

You can see the subject and the body of the post, optional tags, creation and "last updated" dates. If any files or images have been attached to the article, they are being shown below the main text.

An administrator can edit a knowledge base article right in the KB. Just click the "Edit" button and change the subject and/or body in the inline editor. You can also attach files, tag/untag the article, print the article or completely remove the article from the KB. You can also mark a knowledge-base article as "for technicians only". This way the article will not be shown to regular users, but only to the helpdesk agents for their internal use.

A note to helpdesk administrators: be sure to use tags in the knowledge base, and use them thoughtfully! Tags are used to improve end-user experience, auto-suggesting relevant KB articles when users create new tickets. Accurately tagging your KB posts helps our suggestion AI to offer relevant solutions.

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